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Journal Index
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The first five volumes of the Whakatane & District Historical Society journal Historical Review are compiled from Papers presented to the Society; Articles written for the Society; and the Society's Newsletters.  The Newsletters occur in each volume as follows:
Volume 1: Newsletters 1-9
Volume 2: Newsletters 10-20
Volume 3: Newsletters 21-30
Volume 4: Newsletters 31-41
Volume 5: Newsletters 42-50

There is no pagination in these first five volumes.  Historical Review as such started in 1958 as Volume 6.
This index encompasses the first 60 volumes of Historical Review

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 It will be noticed that this publication also includes an index for the Journal of the Tauranga Historical Society.  In 1983 it was decided, for financial reasons, to amalgamate the journals of the two Societies and to call the new journal Historical Review, Bay of Plenty Journal of History.  Therefore, the Journal of the Tauranga Historical Society ceased to exist after 1983.  We decided, therefore, to index it and include it in this publication.

 We decided, also, to index and include Rotorua Legend,  produced by the Historical Section of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Rotorua Branch; forerunner of the Rotorua Historical Society.  This was published from November 1960 to November 1963. 

2009 Journal
Number 1-2

The research library in the Whakatane Museum & Gallery holds copies of all the publications mentioned in the Index.

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