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Perhaps the most exciting has been the publication of Monograph # 3 “Maketu” by Alister Matheson

When the Whakatane Historical Society began publishing its Monograph series in 1977, Monograph No. 3 was advertised as the history of Maketu, written by historian Alister Matheson.  However Mr Matheson then decided to produce a series of articles for the Society Journal Historical Review instead.  He continued to thoroughly research each subject right up to the time of their appearing in the Journal.  These articles appeared between Volume 37 No 1 (May 1989) and Volume 57 No 1 (May 2009).

 The Society decided to produce Monograph 3, pooling together all the articles by Mr Matheson that were published in the journal.  Due to Mr Matheson continuing to research the material, the Monograph will be twice the size that it would have been if it had been published way back then.  Interestingly, libraries still request a copy of Monograph 3 to fill their series. 

This was one reason the Society decided to produce the Monograph.  Also, the success of Mr Matheson’s Monograph 2 on Motiti Island has prompted the publication of this Monograph.


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