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Whakatane Historical Society Event Reports

Report on Field Trip to Waimana and Taneatua

Whakatane & District Historical Society Event Report on Field Trip to Waimana and TaneatuaAbove is the headstone of Emily Savage, wife of Charles and sister-in-law of Frederick Savage - first person buried in Waimana cemetery. They were some of the first...

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“Grandma’s Picnic” Event

Whakatane & District Historical Society Event Recently the Whakatane Historical Society and Whakatane Blue Light held a "Grandma's Picnic" event at Allandale School. We were ably assisted by students of the Whakatane High School Interact Club. It was intended to...

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Te Hau Kainga – Maori Home Front

Whakatane & District Historical Society Event During the evening of 22 June Professor Doctor Lachy Patterson, Head of Maori and Indigenous Studies at Otago University, gave the following illustrated address to Society Members and other interested members of the...

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Whakatane Historical Society’s AGM 2022

Whakatane & District Historical Society ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING March Thursday 17th   5:30pm Knox Presbyterian Church, Domain Rd Whakatane. Agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall be:                                 (i)            Apologies...

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1970s Lunch

On Sunday 22nd September Members of the Whakatane and District Historical Society met at the Lyceum Club Rooms to share a 1970s “Ladies a Plate” luncheon.   The food was amazing, the table was filled with treats from the 70s era – pikelets with jam and cream, bacon...

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Pot Luck 70s Luncheon

1970s Lunch Sunday September 15th 12:30pm  Lyceum Club Rooms   . What food do you remember from 50 years ago? Cheese and pineapple hedgehogs? Pizza with tinned spaghetti? Seafood cocktail? What did you take for “Ladies a Plate”? Stuffed Eggs? Sponge with Cream and...

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Film Night Apollo 11

Film Night In June the Society  held a film evening at Whakamax, our local cinema, to commemorate 50 years the since  Apollo 11 mission to land men on the moon and bring them back safely, The movie showed never before seen footage.filmed during the mission.  It was...

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