On Sunday 22nd September Members of the Whakatane and District Historical Society met at the Lyceum Club Rooms to share a 1970s “Ladies a Plate” luncheon.   The food was amazing, the table was filled with treats from the 70s era – pikelets with jam and cream, bacon and egg pie, stuffed eggs, club sandwiches and much more.   We all enjoyed a good reminisce while we lunched. We were then entertained by kepapucha presentations given by 4 committee members.  Each had selected 20 images and was given 20 secs to talk about each image.  First we were introduced to Tiena’s Tulip collection this sparked a lot of interest and Tiena was asked a lot of questions about growing and maintaining tulips.  Memories of 50 years ago were then rekindled. Remembering crochet clothes, mutton chop facial hair, little boys in cardies and bow ties, engineering students in the garb of the day, old uncles and aunties, the rebuilding of St Georges and the Whakatane  Hospital  and other aspects of life in the 70s was very amusing and we all left with smiles.